Daewoo Vietnam Scholarship 2021 for Graduates, Apply Online

Application invited for Daewoo Vietnam Scholarship 2021 to get $10,000 Award to study Postgraduate in USA,
Online Application Registration at https://my.gwu.edu….

The students who are pursuing masters degree and doctoral degrees are the ones for whom this scholarship is designed, Only the Vietnamese Students are allowed to apply for the same and the eligible candidate will be selected from the applicants who apply for Daewoo Vietnam Scholarship and the winner will be awarded a sum of $10,000. It certainly is a big help for those who are worthy but missing their chance due to financial aspects. It is a step towards creating a better future.

Detailed description
The Daewoo Vietnam Scholarship 2021 is designed with a special intention for helps to Vietnamese graduate students to pursue higher studies, and it is especially for those who belong from such background that has financial troubles. The recipients need to return to Vietnam after they have received the degree, and they need to return immediately.

The value of Daewoo Vietnam Scholarship award

The value of the scholarship is $10,000 and it does not include the fee.

Areas of study
What are the fields in which the students can apply? The students need to pursue Master and PhD program in the listed fields. Here is a list of the same.

  • Accountancy
  • Finance
  • Information systems
  • International business
  • Supply chain management
  • Marketing
  • Science technology and innovation

Place of study
The students who are selected for the scholarship need to finish their student at George Washington University, USA.

Daewoo Vietnam Scholarship 2021 eligibility

In order to be eligible, the applicants need to apply for full-time Master’s or doctoral students in the mentioned fields. They need to have high scholastic achievements in a consistent manner. Alongside, they also need to have proper proficiency in English.

This scholarship is designed especially for the Vietnamese students. They are the one who are eligible to apply.

Application details
All the willing candidates need to fill out the application form. For that, they can visit the website. There is an also detailed guideline for filing up the application form in a proper way.

All the applications need to be submitted before 6th March respectively, any form submitted after that will not be accepted.

This is an important scholarship that certainly helps the students to have a bright future. Thus, if you know someone then please share the articles and let them know. Also, passing it forward will spread the information for good. After all, sharing is caring.

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