The Rockefeller Foundation Scholarship 2021-22 at University of Nairobi, Kenya

The University of Nairobi is providing scholarships under Rockefeller Foundation to the students who are graduates or undergraduates of the Kenya region, so the candidates who have less financial stability can apply to The Rockefeller Foundation Scholarship 2021 before deadline at…..

The Rockefeller Foundation is encouraging the scholars, artists, policy makers and innovators in different fields share in the Foundation’s mission to promote the well being of humanity, this foundation has become the a connection to the dynamic innovators across the world, this foundation in the name of the University of Nairobi sponsoring scholarships to the graduates and the undergraduates in the area of basic survival safeguards, global health, climate and environment, Urbanization, social and economic security.

Availability of Rockefeller Foundation Scholarship 2021-22
The scholarships provided by the Rockefeller Foundation at University of Nairobi, Kenya is limited

Eligibility criteria for The Rockefeller Foundation Scholarship 2021-22

The candidates are eligible to apply to the scholarship only if they have to meet these circumstances i.e. the candidates have an excellence in their academics, the candidates should be the residents in the Kenya. The academics includes the first class certificates in the academics, the academics criteria plays major role as it is a scholarship for scholars.

Process to application submission of The Rockefeller Foundation Scholarship 2021-22

The process is purely online, all the materials must be submitted at the time applying to the foundation, application would be sent to the foundation until the submit button, after submitted the candidate receives an email that the application has been received, please take a copy of the application form so that it may be applicable in future, the attachments cannot exceed 4MB, make the note that changes are not allowed in the application.

These scholarships given by the Rockefeller foundation at the University of Nairobi is given only to the scholars of the Kenya region.

Deadline: Expected
The deadline for applying is December of every year, candidates before apply visit official website to get further information.

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